Respect: It is two way, you give it, and you get it!

Apolitical: No politics, No lobbies and No affiliations, and with respect – we do not wish to be part of any.

Transparency: We give and take credit where due, and we are transparent about finances from the beginning so make sure you are too when you are working with us.

Sharing: Sharing is caring, and we’re all about it!

Smoke, drug and alcohol-free: Pretty self-explanatory. 0, yes, ZERO tolerance.

Child-friendly: Kids (above 6 years) are welcome with the supervision of a parent or an adult.

Mistakes: So what you made a mistake? Learn from it! – we certainly do.

Wannabe-NOT: Be your true authentic self here – life is short!

Motivation: Reward yourself with an activity or two by leaving your comfort zones, we believe to a very high degree that you will be pleasantly surprised!