ArtLab is a gallery space showcasing works in conversation with Art and Technology, Art and Science, and /or Self Published Works.

We also plan to launch an experimental residency program throughout the year, starting in the Spring of 2021. It aims to bring people from two professions to create dialogue, works, and publications.

THP’s ArtLab is committed to bringing creative practitioners across a variety of disciplines to work together and create in a space that they are going to be exhibiting their works. We want artists, designers, and technologists, mathematicians, lawyers, doctors, journalists, and people from various professions working together to have a dialogue about reality, data visualization and analysis, computer neural networks, and much more.

To know more about the application process for our Residency Program with details,  please visit us on  July 1st, 2023.

Selected Past ArtLab Projects:

Remembering Zahoor ul Akhlaq (Friend. Artist. Teacher)
THP Daak