The Happieee Place Palate plays with the culinary curiosities and stimulates the little joys/awakenings in our mind through food performances or daily bites.


Dear Friends,

THP is an artist-run space and as many of you know that we artists rarely listen to our advice like doctors or chefs (not that I am comparing the professions – just the habit so chill ). Part of me wants to structure myself and to do that I am going to run an experiment to wake up early and not pulling the all-nighters for weeks and then collapsing all of a sudden (most entrepreneur can relate to what I am talking about – no matter how many times you read the term ‘Delegate’.)

So, I have decided to do that through creating in THP Palate from 10:30 – 12 pm every Saturday among other things. So, take time out, come and experience a culinary surprise concept in the form of a breakfast. There will be a new breakfast every Saturday and you will not know what it is until its in front of you. It will be 800/person. ( All you can know is that there will be the main course with a hot drink and a cold one).

The purpose of doing this is to stop thinking by making and feeding people and creating something beautiful in terms of food and community in the middle of all the craziness in our lives.

Hope to see you all soon.

Ayesha Saeed