Bindery meaning: A workshop or factory in which books are bound.

The Happieee Place Bindery offers education programs for the community related to paper, binding, and the book arts with an aim to hopefully move on to restoring books and working on paper conservation.

We understand the anatomy of a book and the importance of it as a physical object. For now, we will be teaching various processes and techniques from around the world to create simple, contemporary, and elegant books with a gentle nod to our centuries-old rich culture of craftsmanship.

THP Bindery improvises with the limitations that we have in Pakistan regarding the tools used in Bookbinding like book boards, glue, bone folders, awls, and other materials! It excites us to find alternatives more in line with what is available locally, and we’re thrilled to be sharing the entire process with our community.

Last Open Call Bindery Project:

Lockdown Edition I (Online Print Publication )